Welcome to The Seven Ridiculous Sins, a Sims4 comedy about how the Seven Deadly Sins, represented by seven ridiculous Sims, find redemption from their horrible ways. I’m LateKnightSimmer, author of a few other stories, most of which are on Blogger, like Echoes of Eternity (a legacy), and The Compound (a standalone completed story). I hope you enjoy your stay, and thank you for checking out my story. 🙂

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Update – May 20, 2021

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Chapter 11 – The Envy of No OneApril 14, 2021

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Chapter 1 – In the Beginning

Site Update

Sometimes I seem to disappear for a little bit, if I do, I will post a site update to let you guys know where I’m at in regards to the story, and you will find the latest site update here. If the site update date is prior to the chapter update, it means I’ve posted a new chapter. I don’t give myself a schedule of how often chapters come out, so that’s why I do these site updates.

UpdateMarch 1, 2021

UpdateMarch 23, 2021

Update – May 6, 2021

Update – May 20, 2021

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